About 2017


The INLG conference is organized by the Intelligent Systems Unit of the Research Centre in Information Technologies (CiTIUS) of the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC). The conference will be held in the facilities provided by CiTIUS and USC. Namely, workshops will take place in the CiTIUS building while the main conference, tutorials and hackathon will take place at the School of Engineering. Both buildings are located within a five minutes walk at the South Campus of the University.

Santiago de Compostela

Santiago de Compostela is located in the northwest of Spain, very close to the Atlantic Ocean. It is the political capital of the Autonomous Region of Galicia.

Santiago is singular since the 9th century, because it is the destination of the worldwide-known Saint James’ (Santiago in Spanish) Ways, which are historical and unique routes that cross all Europe since the Middle Ages and received many international prestigious recognitions, from the “Council of Europe” and the UNESCO. The most well-known Way is the French Way, from the Pyrenees (over 1000 km away).

The City is also a magnificent example of historical and urban regeneration. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage City, and was awarded over twenty national and international prizes in this regard.

The Romanesque cathedral (dated 12th Century) with Renaissance and Baroque style additions is the City’s monumental image. It was built on the spot where the remains of the Apostle Saint James were said to have been found. This started the tradition of pilgrims from all Europe walking to Santiago. This tradition is now mostly cultural, touristic, even sportive rather than religious.

This information is from the INLG Website.